New gear from ICON for fall


ICON has released their 2014 ICON Motorsports and ICON 1000 lineups.

New items in the ICON Motorsports line include the Hypersport Prime leather jacket (see here) and the Overlord textile jacket (see here). They have new pants (textile/leather pants and jeans) on the market as well, and new paint schemes for the Airmada helmet. They have new gloves and boots, too.

The ICON 1000 line gets a new armoured hoodie for men (built around a leather chassis) and a jacket for ladies sizes. They also have new boots and gloves.

Along with their new gear, ICON has two new promo videos featuring their product. First, there’s this one on YouTube, showcasing what seems like a must-ride area in Oregon. That one’s for their Motorsports lineup.

The second video, seen below, promotes the latest in their line of ICON 1000 custom bikes. ICON often builds custom bikes to promote this line; their latest is a1984 GPZ900, called the Old Ghost. See it below in a promo video which seems to be inspired by Yamaha’s Dark Side of Japan ads, along with a generous helping of Lazerhawk or maybe Kavinsky, and bosozoku culture on top …

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