Missing Tennessee rider found


A motorcyclist who went missing in Canada en route to Alaska has been located.

The family of 74-year-old Jack Caldwell were worried when they lost contact with him last week. Caldwell was riding from Tennessee to Alaska, a 6,800-km trip. The senior rider had crossed into Alberta on Aug. 16, but his family hadn’t heard from him since – at first, Caldwell had been calling home every day.

Worried, the family called the RCMP, who couldn’t locate the rider for a while.

It turned out Caldwell was fine. He’d simply had some problems with his bike’s trailer, and started riding through an area without cell reception. Several people had seen a bike matching the description of Caldwell’s machine on the road, but it wasn’t certain who the rider was. He was fine, however; he managed to call home on Friday, and all was well. Now, his wife is flying into Alaska to meet up and ride with him, which is possibly why he went missing in the first place …


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