Scorpion working on trike kits for Harley-Davidsons


A Wisconsin-based company is planning to bring a new reverse trike conversion kit to market next spring at a price significantly below their competitors; it will be aimed at the Harley-Davidson market.

While there are several conversion kits already on the market for Harley-Davidsons, including a factory trike kit, they aren’t cheap. Scorpion hopes to change that. According to their press release, they are hoping to come to market at about a third of their competition’s $15,000 mark.

According to Scorpion’s press release, the idea behind the kit is to come up with a reverse trike kit that can be added to an existing motorcycle without having to modify the structural integrity of the frame.

The first kit they’re  making is a conversion for Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod. After that, they say they’ll likely make a conversion kit for Harley-Davidson’s FL-framed models. Then, further models will depend on interest – if there’s a demand for kits for Gold Wings, V-Stars, or whatever, then they’ll explore those options, but since each kit will be model-specific, it’ll depend on whether there’s enough demand to make it worth Scorpion’s while.

Along with their kit, Scorpion says buyers will need to re-use take-off parts and other items purchased from the dealer (wheels, or brakes perhaps?). They say they haven’t decided if the kits will be user-installed, or only available to dealers, and that they’ll have accessories (bodywork, lighting, etc.) available along with the trike kit.

For now, Scorpion says they’re testing prototypes; they’re hoping to sell their completed kits for the 2015 riding season.


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  1. I’d much rather have the 3-wheel conversion that allows the bike to lean, as seen recently. I think they were talking about doing a V-Rod kit, if they haven’t already.

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