Hero says “Future is now”


Here’s a promo vid from Indian manufacturer Hero that raises some interesting questions.

For years, Hero had a tie with Honda, and used the Japanese manufacturer’s technology to dominate the Indian market. But that tie ended a couple years ago, and Hero instead announced a deal to somehow share tech info with Erik Buell Racing. They actually bought 49 per cent of EBR.

Then, at the Delhi auto show last winter, Hero showed off exciting new concepts unlike anything else they’d built before. Opinion was divided. Some onlookers said this was the dawn of the Indian motorcycle industry’s status as a player on the world scene, other onlookers scoffed and said they’d believe it when they say the bikes come to market. And, months later, we still haven’t seen those bikes come to our shores, despite Hero’s deal to market their bikes at EBR dealerships.

However, this new promo video for Hero not only teases those bikes, but also hints at other technology, stuff like hybrid and diesel motors, hydrogen fuel cells, hubless wheels and more.

So what’s the truth? If we were going to lay money, we’d bet on a big reveal either at the AIME show in October, or the Delhi show in the winter.


  1. am not getting complete information about this bike…
    simply want to buy and ride this bike….
    whn it vl b in market n whts the price in karnataka???

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