Horizons Unlimited has Ontario meeting in September

You can of course buy more farkels for your Adventure as well.

Are you an adventure rider who wants to hang out with other adventure riders? Are you a wannabe who wants to hang out with adventure riders?

If so, then you’re in luck, as long as you live in Ontario, as Horizons Unlimited is hosting their HU Travelers Meeting Sept. 11-14 in Lake Manitouwabing.

The Thursday-Sunday event starts off with a lunch at 1 PM lunch, then registration, and then the program starts (a full schedule will be released a week before the event). Presenters will include Andrew Pain, Chantal CournoyerWolfe Bonham and others. Find more details here.

There will be camping spaces for tents, cabins, and there is a meal plan available for those who don’t feel like cooking for themselves.


  1. Thinking of replacing a sport bike, want something roomier and like the dirt bike seating/feel but powerful and for some longer rides. Sat on a Duke recently and liked it, good price used, and really like the naked sport thing. But I see they also have a Super moto and the Adventure (which I remember as being really tall). The Super moto is more what I am looking for but the Adventure would be ride-able in the dirt and I like the option of going on gravel and dirt roads. I have an enduro, but the sport bike is less than I thought it would be mostly because of cramped seating. Anyone riding a super moto on dirt roads? Any comment on the bikes? Thanks.

    • Su-mos are usable on dirt roads (that’s part of the point of supermoto) but they will never be as good as a real dirt sport. Their tires might be 90/10 on-off biased?

      Plus, I don’t have a LOT of experience with supermotos, but I can tell you from the adventure bike comparo that we did back in June that the difference between 17-inch rims and 19/21 or 17/19 combo was very noticeable on bad roads. Sure, the 21-inch front wheel on the GS800 does turn more slowly on the pavement, but once you are used to it, you don’t even notice. AND, it lets you ride much faster on crappy pavement. That’s just my opinion, others may completely disagree.

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