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Industry thinkers everywhere are saying it these days: The Driverless Car is around the corner, and it will mean the end of motorcycling, eventually. After all, in a world where everyone is safely carted to work in a self-driving auto, who’s going to insure a motorcycle that might be driven in a manner deemed unsafe by society?

Don’t worry, though – our friends at Google have got your back. After starting work on autonomous cars, they have also decided it’s time to start building self-driving motorcycles. Or is that self-riding motorcycles? In any case, they’re working on a project to replace human control with a robot rider.

So, we're wondering - is this robot rider program how the Terminator learned to ride a bike in all those movies?
So, we’re wondering – is this robot rider program how the Terminator learned to ride a bike in all those movies?

Google’s driverless cars have already racked up hundreds of thousands of accident-free miles of highway testing, although we don’t know how far along the self-driven bike (dubbed the Ghostrider) project has progressed.

We are wondering, though, if Skynet is just around the corner – after all, if they can teach a computer to ride a motorcycle, that would explain why Arnold always hopped aboard a bike in every Terminator movie he was in.

Source: Daily Mail


Words fail me to describe this next clip, but I’ll try. You’ve got a funktastic dance breakdown, combined with semi-sensible philosophy on dirt riding, from the same Australian narrator who stated a DR650’s superiority to KTM’s offerings.

Busy hands

So, here’s an Indian rider with an interesting variation on his country’s usual stunt theme. Instead of packing four or five buddies aboard his machine and then wheelying like mad down the street, he’s decided to show his mad rapping skills. Oops, make that wrapping skills – no freestyle rhymes here. This dude shows how fast he can wrap a turban while riding his bike. We’re sure that’s a skill that will come in handy someday, but we can’t think of a suitable scenario yet.

Fat chance

Bill Cosby is a smart guy, and the Fat Albert show always had lots of wise advice. Like, why you shouldn’t lend your motorcycle to a friend who hasn’t ridden (although, he was skilled enough that he didn’t need to use his throttle hand to ride!).

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