Kawasaki to debut machine at AIME


There’s no doubt organizers of the AIME show in Orlando want to raise it to the profile of big international motorcycle shows like EICMA and Intermot, and with a recent announcement from Kawasaki, it looks like they might be getting their wish.

This week, Kawasaki announced they would attend AIME as an OEM participant, and would “announce key 2015 products, one of which will make its world debut in Orlando.” Now, that’s not 100 per cent clear – they could be unveiling a new quad or other motorized toy, not necessarily a motorcycle.

However, it’s an indication that the industry is taking AIME seriously. They have 400 exhibitors signed up this year. Last year, Suzuki and Erik Buell Racing both unveiled new motorcycles at the show, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see major announcements from other manufacturers besides Kawasaki at this year’s event.

Why does this matter to you? Let’s face it: Most of us can’t afford a trip to Intermot or EICMA or the Tokyo Motor Show, but Orlando is only a short flight away, and it’s an affordable area to visit. Plus, you can enjoy a few final days of sun at the October show, while you brace yourself for winter’s coming onslaught. Sounds like a good deal to us.

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