More Indian Scout stuff: CAD drawings, and hipster analysis


Indian unveiled the Scout this month to great fanfare, but leaving lots of folks speculating about its motor: It’s already more powerful than the competition’s 1200 Sportster, but can it be hopped up even more?

To tease the public, Indian has released a set of CAD drawings that show the motor’s inner workings, sort of. You can see them in the gallery below. The big-bore crowd is already working them over, trying to figure out if they can bore, stroke, or otherwise modify this motor to make it more powerful. After all, stock power is never enough. Or is it? It depends on whether or not you’re on the Wall of Death.

Some of you might remember the video showing the new Scout on the Wall of Death (we showed it to you last week). If any of you were curious about that bike, you can read about its customization process on Bike Exif here. It’s an interesting read (they actually had to de-tune it to run the wall), but it’s also interesting to skim through the comments at the bottom of the article.

While most commentators seem to think the new bike is fine, there are a few people wondering why they didn’t bring out a real standard motorcycle, with upright seating position, instead of coming out with another made-in-America power cruiser. But hey, the North American market seems to be madly in love with floorboards and forward controls, so you can’t blame Indian for delivering.


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