Dorna is working on American roadracing plans: Video

Photo: Gary Watson/Wikimedia

Photo: Gary Watson/Wikimedia
The rumours have been circulating for a few weeks now: MotoGP owner Dorna is working on a plan to introduce a new roadracing program to the USA. Now, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta has confirmed that scheme.

In an interview on FOX Sports, Ezpeleta says he’s talking to “relevant people” about kickstarting a roadracing revival in ‘Murica, particularly Wayne Rainey (seen pictured above in his racing days). He doesn’t go into specifics, but it is proof that the gossip is correct, and we’re guessing the AMA – which has put American motorcycle roadracing on its last legs – is going to be irrelevant soon.


  1. There’s no question that Ezpeleta has the full range of knowledge required to help kickstart a reset of American roadracing. DMG has done its best, apparently, to run the AMA series so far into the ground that it will require an epic effort to set it right again.

    Personally, I think this is a promising start.

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