Hey Buddy – Wanna buy a racetrack?


Shannonville Motorsports Park – Built and opened by motorcycle enthusiast John Nelson, purchased and driven to success by car racing enthusiast Jack Boxstrom, maintained and expanded by car racing fan Raymond David, then slowly ridden into the ground by current owner/accountant Jean Gauthier over the past 23 years – is for sale.

Advertised first in the classified ads of the Toronto Star – a typically eye-rolling money-saving effort – the track is claimed to have attracted more than a dozen inquiries in the first week.

A prospectus with 2013 financials and so forth is to be available the week beginning August 11, so if you’re willing to start negotiating for a property the owner values at about $4 million, drop a note or a phone call to Shannonville Motorsports Park.

Negotiate hard and be prepared to put about as much into it as you buy it for, it’s worth adding. Great facility, badly run down, lots of potential as they say. And as I say, for that matter.

Gauthier, 71, and his lovely wife Louise, 70, have decided it’s time to retire to their home in Laval and winter place in Naples, Florida, and let someone else worry about making money from motor racing in Canada.

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