Indian unveils new Scout


A year after unveiling their Thunderstroke-powered platform to the public, Indian has unveiled a new motorcycle, the Scout, powered by another new motor.

While the bikes Indian introduced last year were high-end luxury bikes, the Scout is intended to compete with bikes like Harley-Davidson’s Sportster lineup; it has an $12,199 MSRP in Canada, and weighs less than the current Sportster models, with a 253 kg wet weight. That’s still more than the Yamaha Bolt, which stole a few hearts that originally were set on a Sportster when it came out last year, but the Yamaha isn’t made in the USA, and it doesn’t have a liquid-cooled 1130 cc motor, like the Scout.

The Scout’s motor is one of the bike’s biggest focal points; looking at the machine; you can’t miss the massive radiator hanging between the downtubes of the frame (made from cast aluminum!). The motor puts out over 100 hp, with a six-speed transmission, ride-by-wire throttle and reaches peak torque (72 ft-lbs) at 5900 rpm .

The Scout has 642 mm seat height, and a 1562 mm wheelbase, giving riders that long, low look that cruiser guys like. That seat is real leather, too. The styling is meant to be a throwback to the original Scouts, out of production decades ago. It does look a bit like a Victory design, though. It’ll be available in red, gloss black and matte black and silver. We don’t have an official date for Canadian availability.


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  1. What’s not to like, it flat out outperforms and looks way better then any other mid sized cruiser and the price is pretty good too. Everyone I have talked to would like to have one but the closest dealer in Lynnwood Washington won’t sell them to Canadians and Calgary is a bit far to go for servicing. If you’re listening Polaris let’s get a dealership out here in Langley, please.

  2. At first I thought the engine looked very industrial, but it’s kind of grown on me. I like the idea of a muscle cruiser that’s _not_ trying to be a Xerox of a Harley.

    The price is not bad for the bike, I think. I could see buying one, but the nearest dealership is over 1000 KM away. Kind of a distance if you need parts or service…

  3. When are they going to finish the engine. It looks like something out of a tractor. If they payed the the engine designers $1 to do that they payed $.99 too much. What in the hell were they thinking? Polaris better do something about that or it will break then. Geez. Even my lawnmower engine looks better than that.

    • Those heads really do look a lot like ET’s head—–same eyes too. lol I checked my Briggs and Stratton on my Craftsman and I like the look of the Scout better—-but—I just wish they could make the B&S sound like a Ducati—there would be a lot more lawns getting mowed—some probably with full racing gear dressed riders.

  4. After ‘exhaustive’ research it was decided to put some Gawd awful mufflers on the new Scout so that on the 2016 models they will be upgraded and future buyers will flock the dealers to pick up a new improved Scout with an incredible looking exhaust system. So that explains that! haha

    Hopefully leather saddlebags coordinated to match the seat will be an option.

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