Dawn 2 Dusk update: Hotels, etc.

"Duckster" contemplates trading up his Rebel for Ed's CBX250. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

We’ve had a few readers ask us where we’re staying at during the Dawn 2 Dusk rally. Well, it sounds as if some folks are going to be camping, some will be riding to the rally in the morning of the event, and some will be staying in hotels in Moncton.

The hotels we’re planning to stay in are based around Moncton’s casino (not because we want to gamble our life savings away, but because it’s conveniently close to the highway and easy to find). There’s a Holiday Inn there, a Motel 6, and Hotel Moncton is close by as well. If you want to camp, you can try Campers City, but it’s a little farther away. They have camp cabins there, too.

If you’re looking to split a hotel room cost, check out the forum here.

Remember, we’re giving away free T-shirts (limit of 20) to riders who show up on a Honda that’s 500 cc or less, since Big Red is sponsoring the D2D this year. If you want a T-shirt, you need to let us know by registering by Monday morning.

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