Dawn 2 Dusk: Ride a Honda, get a free T-shirt

The CB500F might be a tad ugly, but Zac still preferred it to the CBR. Photo: Bill Petro

So we’ve got this rally coming, called the Dawn to Dusk. You may have heard of it. And if you show up on a Honda, we’ve got a bonus for you, (besides all the glory associated with surviving this event!).

For riders who show up on a Honda that’s 500 cc or less, we’ll give you a free D2D T-shirt. To qualify, you must register here and be sure to include the make as a Honda, and we’ll set aside a T-shirt for you. But you have to act fast as we’ve set a max limit of 20 free shirts, and the offer closes end of Sunday.

D2D-shirt2For the three or four CMG riders who still don’t know what the D2D is – in a nutshell, it’s a 600 km ride on the very best back roads in New Brunswick, for motorcycles 500 cc and under. This year’s ride starts at Toys for Big Boys in Moncton, NB, and ends in Salisbury. It runs on August 9 – see you there!

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