Indian announces Roadmaster tourer


Indian is bringing back the Roadmaster, after 61 years.

The original Roadmaster was made from 1947 to 1953, and was powered by an air-cooled 74 ci V-twin (around 1200 cc). The new Roadmaster will debut at Sturgis this year on August 2, and is powered by Indian’s 111 Thunderstroke V-twin (air-cooled, with six-speed transmission).

It follows a pattern established by the competition; it’s covered in a lot of chrome (with front and rear highway bars), it has a built-in entertainment system, with Bluetooth compatibility. The rear trunk and hard bags combine for about 144 litres of storage. It has LED lighting, electronic cruise control, three power ports, heated grips with 10 settings, power-adjustable windscreen, adjustable fairing lowers, heated seats (with individual controls!), and a valet to carry your bags to the motel once you dismount the bike. OK, we made up the part about the valet.

The bike will have a $26,999 US price tag in that market, so expect a higher sticker in Canada. It will be available in red, black, and red/white.


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