Visit Baja with Eagle Rider

EagleRider is growing again, with a new series of European tours.

Motorcycle tour organizer Eagle Rider has put together a series of guided tours through Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, with Charley Boorman as a guide on the most interesting tour.

When you think of the Baja Peninsula, you think of the Baja 1000 race, one of North America’s longest-running desert races, and arguably the most prestigious off-road race on this continent. The race runs Nov. 12-16 this year, and Eagle Rider has a tour through Baja starting Nov. 16. You won’t see any racing action, but you might see the aftermath. This is the tour Boorman is leading.

You might expect a tour of Baja to take you off-road, but it seems Eagle Rider is sticking to pavement for this jaunt. Even though several of the tours are scheduled for winter, riders can expect temps from 16° C and up, so this could be an enjoyable getaway, as long as you don’t mind group riding.

The tour fixes you up with hotel, a rental bike, fuel, and just about everything else you need except gratuities and souvenirs. Find out more here.

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