The Dawn 2 Dusk rally cometh: check out these mounts


Does the idea of riding 600 kms of NB back roads in a day aboard a small-displacement bike appeal to you? Hey, who wouldn’t like that?

If you want to ride the Dawn 2 Dusk but don’t have a bike 500 cc or less, check out these Kijiji beauties: A Suzuki  GS300L, a Kawasaki Super Sherpa, a Honda CBR125 and a Honda Rebel. Whether you want a cruiser, a dual sport, a sport bike or a bobber, you’ve got your bases covered. Or just buy a leftover Honda CBR250 new: It’s a bike you can have a lot of fun riding the wheels off of, and since they’re trying to clear them out to make way for the CBR300s coming in this summer, they’ve got them marked down. Wayyyy, way down.

The Dawn 2 Dusk runs August 9 out of Moncton, NB, and it’s free to register. Find out more here.

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