Missing adventure rider found dead


Mexican authorities have finally located the remains of missing adventure rider Harry Devert.

Devert, originally from NYC, went missing around six months ago in the middle of a trip to South America, after sending his girlfriend and mother an ominous text message that said something about receiving a military escort through a troubled area. After that, nothing.

There were some rumours that Devert was being held hostage in Mexico, but no solid information came to light for many weeks. Adventure riders everywhere wondered what had happened, and there were stories of mysterious phone calls and emails to his family, but nothing was known until Mexican authorities confirmed a body found in a shallow grave was Devert’s. His motorcycle had been buried beside him.

Small quantities of drugs were found around Devert’s body, according to authorities, and the key suspects are supposedly the Knights Templar cartel.

You can read Devert’s blog with stories of his previous travels here.


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