Glowbelt promises improved visibility

Fact; well illuminated christmas trees do not get hit by cars while riding motorcycles (often, anyway). Maybe this was the point that inspired British start-up BMC Innovations to invent the Glowbelt – a retractable LED studded belt that when worn over the shoulder or around the waist, helps keep motorcyclists visible at night.

The device uses 13 micro LEDs, powered by two coin cell batteries to give an estimated 60 or so hours of use. Arranged on a spring-loaded retractable belt, this enables the Glowbelt to be adjusted to any sized person up to 50 inches (you may need a bit more for North America chaps) and can be fully retracted to fit in a pocket. Available in blue, green, and pink options (get all three to match the safety record of Christmas trees) it weighs in at 54 grams.

If you want to jump in on this new fangled invention to compliment your life saving load pipes, then join the Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise £40,000 (about C$74,000) to get the belt ready for retail release later this year. More info here, or you can watch the video below.


  1. This “visability” thing. Does it have to do with getting a visa for other countries or are you referring to the ability to acquire a Visa card? Or did you mean…visibility?

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