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Record ridicule


Some people will do anything to get into the record books. For proof, look no further than the Yamaha Club in the Philippines. The club wanted set a Guinness record, but they didn’t bother setting a land speed record or anything like that. Nope, they went the easy way.

Instead of a dangerous speed record, or a crazy stunt, the club set records for the most motorcycle horns sounded at once, the most motorcycles started simultaneously, and the biggest parade of Yamaha motorcycles. Wow. We’re surprised they didn’t also try to set records for the most kickstands used at once, the most headlights turned on at once, the most chokes turned on at once, the most odometers reset at once, etc., etc. …

Source: Yahoo

Keeping things level

Yeah, that's kids in those baskets.
Yeah, that’s kids in those baskets.

Talk about modern motherhood in Western society, and you’ll hear a lot about what a balancing act it is. How does a girl manage to keep on top of work, home life, her kids, and her husband (as long as he’s actually around, and not off motorcycling, leaving her with the children).

Things could be worse, though! Check out this photo on the right of a mother in the Chinese city of Fujian. At least, we assume she’s a mother – maybe she’s just a really bad babysitter. In any case, anybody complaining about pulling off a balancing act over here in Canada has nothing to complain about, in comparison.

Photo: Shanghaiist

All Grom, all the time

We’ve told you before that the Honda Grom is going to replace the Ruckus as the vehicle of choice for oddball low-displacement customs, and we stand by that. However, did you know it’s also becoming a track day weapon? True story! Plenty of shops are now offering go-fast parts for the Grom. Hey, Dynojet has even built a quickshifter for the 125 cc minibike!

Need more proof of the machine’s potential? Watch the videos below (the first is from Motorcyclist magazine).

Gutsy granny

Gloria Struck, back in the 1950s in her early riding career. Photo: North Jersey
Gloria Struck, back in the 1950s in her early riding career. Photo: North Jersey

Ever been to Sturgis? If you have, you know the biker bash is full of poseurs, who trailer their bikes to the rally because they can’t handle the miles of riding. And, who wants to go to all the work of re-polishing the chrome when you show up?

These faux bad-asses should be ashamed of themselves, and look to Gloria Struck for inspiration.

Who’s that, you ask? Oh, she’s just a woman who’s riding from New Jersey to Sturgis this summer. Oh yes, and she’s 89 this year. She’s been riding all over the US since the 1940s, switching from Indians to Harley-Davidson after her brother bought a Harley dealership.

Apparently, longevity in the saddle runs in the family; her brother (who taught her to ride) was a pro hillclimber for decades, retiring at age 78. Hey, everyone’s got to retire sometime, although Struck has no intentions on parking it until she has to. She says she wants to stay on two wheels until she’s 100, since anyone can pull that feat off if they’re on a trike …

Source: NorthJersey, Virtual Indian

 Moto mayhem

This video is five minutes of evidence that some people don’t mix with motorcycles. The best clip? The first one, where a rider is told not to run into a parked car … as he rides across the street, jumps a curb, and runs into a tree instead.


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