Sask. riders group leader hit by SUV


Photo: CBC/Facebook
According to the CBC, the leader of Saskatchewan’s RAGE (Riders Against Government Exploitation) has been released from hospital after being struck by an SUV.

Rhonda Cwynar, RAGE’s president, was taken to hospital Monday after the vehicle struck her from behind. From pictures of the crash, it seems Cwynar is a very, very lucky woman to have survived and be out of the hospital so soon. CBC says she suffered a broken ankle and collarbone and the usual other collection of scrapes and bruises normally collected in a motorcycle crash.

Another person involved with the crash (presumably, the driver, but we can’t verify that thanks to a publication ban) has been charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm and having a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.

Here’s hoping Cwynar has a speedy recovery, so she can get back to the good work of watching out for motorcyclists’ best interests.


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