Dirt Quake runs in UK this weekend, with Guy Martin


Photo: Facebook

Guy Martin just doesn’t stop.

A couple weeks ago, he was tearing up Pikes Peak on a homebuilt naked bike, powered by a turbocharged GSX-R 1100 motor. Now, he’s back in the UK, ripping around the track at Dirt Quake on a chopper.

This is the third year for the UK Dirt Quake event (they had their first US event this year), and a mad, fun time will likely be had by all. How could you not have fun, racing sideways around a track while dressed up like an English bobby, or a nun, or a meat pie? ‘Cuz we’ve seen all those costumes, and more, at Dirt Quake.

See Guy Martin talking about his plans below; have fun deciphering his accent. Someone needs to publish a translation guide for Mr. Martin, although that might ruin the mystique.


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