Video: Finding Main Street


Hipster motorcycle films: Who’s got time for them? We suggest you should, after seeing this.

Sure, it’s 42 minutes of hipster propaganda that aims for authenticity, but fails in parts. Note the scene about three and a half minutes in that pushes all the right buttons – there’s a chick with brightly dyed hair, a can of PBR, a set of Wayfarer sunglasses, and gratuitous cigarette smoking.

But it’s fun. It shows three young dudes out experiencing the open road on crappy old UJMs, wrenching and riding their way around the US, experiencing big cities and small towns, deserts and forests. Along the way they almost end their friendship, make new friends, and party hearty with other hipsters they meet en route. You can read more about their project at their website here.

It might not make you want to run away and hit the open road on a mid-80s Japanese cruiser, but it might make you nostalgic for the days when you were open to that sort of idea.

Finding Main Street from Sole Creative on Vimeo.

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