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Free gas


Lots of motorcyclists start riding to save money on fuel, but a Spanish man is a bit more successful than most.

Jacobo Rios-Capape has won €100,000 in free gasoline (around $145,000 CAD) for betting against his country at soccer’s World Cup in a contest run by a Spanish gas company. Apparently, the 56-year old architect was filling his motorcycle with gas and bet Spain would lose 5-1 to Holland. To everyone’s surprise, they did, and he won the fuel.

Our question – how’s he possibly going to burn through all that free gas? Sure, fuel is expensive in the EU, but that’s still a lot of petrol. Maybe he’ll have to forgo the motorcycle and buy a muscle car to truly take advantage of his windfall.

Source: Yahoo

A mind for mileage

One of the biggest expenses for motorcyclists is their tires, so naturally riders try to extend all the life out of their rubber that they can. This guy is taking things to a new extreme though – think of all the money he saves on front tires!

Furze gone wild

We’ve shown you Colin Furze’s videos here on Friday Fudge before. He’s the British madman who built his own Wall of Death, the world’s fastest mobility scooter, the world’s longest motorcycle, a jet-powered bicycle and much, much more.

What’s he up to these days? It seems he’s been busy recreating stuff as seen in the X-Men movies, but he’s also whipped up this jet-powered barbecue, which may be more appealing to CMG readers. Just be careful not to run one of these in your shed, like Furze does. Hey, it was raining outside …

In any case, Furze now ranks as our #1 candidate for a future TV co-host with Guy Martin. If these guys could get together, who knows what insanity would ensue? One can only dream of the possibilities.


Grumpy Cat strikes again?
Grumpy Cat strikes again?

If you’re being threatened by a cat showing all the signs of demonic possession, who ya gonna call? Your local motorcyclist, that’s who.

At least, that’s what Bruce and Eileen Gough of the UK did, after being unable to get rid of a snarling feline that sneaked through a window into their home. When they tried to chase the cat out the door with a broom, things got really nasty really quickly – it viciously attacked Mr. Gough and ran around the house like mad. They weren’t able to get rid of it, but were able to lock it in a bedroom, where they took two days to figure out the solution to their problem. Yes, you read that right.

They first called the RSPCA, but they wouldn’t help, since they figured the cat was feral. So the Goughs did what they should have in the first place – asked a motorcyclist for help. One of their neighbours dressed up in his motorcycle leathers and extracted the cat, ending their reign of feline terror. All we can say is, we hope it didn’t chew up his trackday suit.

Story: Daily Mail

Taking the fall

In Pakistan, where this was shot, it’s normal for men to wear robes, but in a Western society, it would be hard to take someone seriously when they ride a motorcycle wearing what’s essentially a dress. From any society’s perspective, it’s hard to take them seriously when they start falling off the back.

The big guns

If loud pipes save lives, what about guns? They're even louder, right?
If loud pipes save lives, what about guns? They’re even louder, right?

It’s been your standard riding summer so far in Canada; that is to say, municipalities all across the country are up in arms over noisy motorcycles, while riders are outraged and say their rights are being infringed if it’s suggested they need to exercise some restraint. Hey, doncha know that loud pipes save lives?

They may save lives, but in Florida, they can also cost you your life – almost. Canadian riders upset over loud pipe laws should pipe down, ‘cuz it could be worse, as a Gainesville man found out last month.

The motorcyclist in question was tootling around when a local decided he’d had enough of the noise and chased him down with his Dodge Durango. After knocking him off the motorcycle, the driver pressed an AK-47 and another gun to the rider’s head and told him he was about to kill him. But then, instead of pulling the trigger, he started talking to himself, and the rider saw his chance to escape. Police caught up with the gunman later, finding his apartment full of weapons and hauled him off to jail.

Going by the logic of the open-piped, baffle-free crowd, and considering that guns are even louder than motorcycles, and loud pipes save lives, maybe they should have let him free and only confiscated his knives.

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