Dawn 2 Dusk Registration is now open!

The situation improved when the sun got higher, but we didn't really warm up until we hit Parrsboro. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Yeah, that’s right – scrawl your signature (figuratively speaking!) and you can enter the 2014 Dawn 2 Dusk Rally! And the price is right – it’s free! Click here to register!

Here’s what’s ahead for this year: The ride will start at Toys for Big Boys in Moncton once again. Larry and the rest of the crew there are always up for the fun, so why change the plan? This year, the rally will once again run south from Moncton, on back roads through the Kingston Peninsula and along the Fundy coast, and we’ll try to throw a couple ferry rides in there as well. We’ll end the day back in the Moncton area at a central location.

Remember, the rally is open to motorcycles up to 500 cc this year, so come along on your KZ440 or CB450 or Ninja 500 or whatever. We’ll still pick roads suitable for smaller bikes, so don’t be afraid to show up on your CBR125, if that’s what you’ve got. DR200s, XT225s, Rebels, CBR250s, Ninja 300s – this rally is about small-displacement fun.

The other big news this year is that we’ve finally landed a sponsor. Honda Canada has kicked in a bit of capital to help us with the expenses; that’s a big help, as this rally takes a lot of time to put together. It makes sense for Big Red to get behind this, since they’ve got a boatload of bikes that fit into this category, from the CBR125 to their 500 cc lineup they introduced last year. We’d love to say you can check out the new CB300F and CBR300 at the event, but sadly, no such luck.

The ride takes place on August 9, which means it’s closing fast, but also means we will have a bit more daylight to play with and the temperature should be much warmer than the frost we encountered last year.

So here’s what you have to do: Head on over to our registration site  (click here!) and fill out the form. Like we said earlier, it’s free to enter, although you’ll have to pay for a T-shirt.

Want more details? Read about the previous D2D rallies here, here and here.


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