Jordan Szoke climbs ranks in BMW privateer’s competition

What keeps Szoke ahead of the competition? Mental toughness and smarts, say observers and fellow racers. Here, he breaks away from Jodi Christie in 2014. Photo: Rob MacLennan

Photo: Rob MacLennan
A few weeks ago, we announced BMW’s new competition for privateers racing their machinery, and said CSBK racers were eligible. Now that the Canadian racing season is well underway, Jordan Szoke is climbing the ranks in the international competition.

BMW’s Motorrad Race Trophy lets riders from race series around the globe rack up points from their respective championships and compete for the title of top BMW privateer. Riders from World Superbike and World Supersport are battling it out with Isle of Man racers, riders at the Macau GP and racers from several national series (including CSBK) are pitted against each other. The winner gets a trophy and a nice cheque.

Right now, the series lead is held by riders Cyril Brunet-Lugardon and Emilien Jaillet, riders in the French national superbike series; they both have 143 points, but Brunet-Lugardon has more wins, so he’d take the trophy if the contest ended today.

Canada’s Jordan Szoke’s pole and win at St-Eustache have pushed him up the ranks quickly, though. He’s now sitting at 129 points, good for third. He’s tied with Silva Alberola (of the Spanish superbike championship) for third, but Szoke has more wins.

Can Szoke catch up to the Spaniards? There are eight races in their national championship, so they have more opportunity to build up points, since CSBK only has five races. Szoke’s a consistent CSBK champ, but other racers really turned the heat up on him at the end of last season, so as the summer goes by, he may see his points tally slip. He could conceivably try to get a wild card entry in another series like BSB and build up some more points, but that sounds like an expensive gamble.


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