It happened in Washington: Dirt Quake USA


Is anything more mad than the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally? Maybe Dirt Quake is  – watch the video below and see for yourself.

Dirt Quake originally started in the UK; as far as we know, it was the brainchild of Sideburn’s staff. Or at least, they developed the concept. And what a concept! Costumed riders on every style of motorcycle imaginable racing around a flat track at speed. Classes include Chopper, Inappropriate Road Bike, Street Tracker and Ladies. Such a crazy idea couldn’t be contained to the Old World alone, and a couple weeks ago, they ran Dirt Quake USA in the state of Washington. We told you it was happening, way back in April.

Well, it’s come, it’s gone, and here’s the video. Forget knee-dragging MotoGP antics – the only way these guys are going to get their knee down is if the front end of their chopper flexes enough to throw them into the dirt. But hey, who cares? Everyone looks to be having fun, even the guy on the raked-out custom who narrowly avoids being run over when his ridiculously long front end gives him grief.

Anyway, the video is from See See Motor Coffee Co. (with help from Throttled Films); they were a sponsor of Dirt Quake, and if you’re ever in Portland, Oregon, we suggest you drop by their shop for a cup. It might not be Tim Hortons, but at least the parking lot isn’t full of beer-bellied riders revving their stationary V-twins- we think.


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