Denali releases new flood, spot LED lights


You don’t often hear motorcycle riders agonizing about which auxiliary lights to bolt on to their motorcycle; usually, riders want a new exhaust, stickier tires, or bolt-on billet bling. But Denali’s new lighting is a good example of why riders should reconsider that.

Denali’s new D4 Spot/Flood hybrid light and DR1 Spot driving lights put out a load of lumens while not overloading your motorcycle’s charging system.

The D4 light takes four of Denali’s DM lights, stuffing two 60° elliptical flood lenses and two 10° spot beam lenses into one housing, while only drawing 20 watts of power. According to their advert copy, the new lights “throw a blazing beam of light 550 feet down the road in front of you.” That’s three times as far as an average motorcycle headlight, and much wider, they claim.

Their DR1 lights project even further down the road – they claim a 695-foot range from the pair of driving lights, with a 10-watt power consumption. The DR1 lights are also compatible with a set of snap-on filters, which can change your lights’ colour, or beam pattern.

Those numbers might not be impressive if you’ve got a modern sport-tourer with adaptive lighting and the like; however, if you’re in Denali’s target market and you plan to ride a KLR or Super Tenere or whatever across the continent, then that extra lighting will probably come in very, very handy at some point.

For more information, keep an eye on Twisted Throttle’s website (some Denali products are also available on Revzilla ).


  1. Haven’t tried the Denalis, but I recently installed the Fenix LED Hyper driving lights (flood version) and have been really impressed by their performance. The stock headlight on my WR250R is anemic by comparison. I would imagine the LED Denalis are pretty comparable. These latest LED lights are well worth the investment if you find yourself riding at dusk and need to illuminate the sides to watch for critters. I posted a review at

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