Two Wheels Through The Big Land: Episode 5

Photo: Big Land ADV Films

Remember last summer, when Terry and Pete decided to ride around Labrador?

It’s been months since their last video episode came out, but they’ve finally gotten around to publishing the final installment on YouTube. Here it is – if you ever wondered what to expect riding from Labrador through Quebec to New Brunswick, now you know. Or, at least you will after you watch the video.

Terry was actually supposed to show up at the Nova Scotia Horizons Unlimited gathering over the weekend and do a presentation on his trip, but alas, we had a hurricane (or was it a tropical storm?). In any case, amidst all the tree-flattening and power outages, Terry sent this video out, since he couldn’t make it to the meeting. Enjoy!


  1. What a nice ride story. Well done. I was posted in Goose Bay from 1991-1995 with the German Air Force and loved the “Big Land”. My friends and I where some of the first people to travel the then newly opened TLH from Lab City to Goose bay in the early summer of 1992. We had to take the boat out, because it was unclear if the road had opened at the time and on the way back from a long round trip to Boston, Toronto, Montreal & Quebec City, we decided to give it a try. In the following years I traveled the TLH & Route 389 several times in the summer and in the winter. It was always an adventure. In October 1994 I walked the TLH from the Quebec border back to Goose Bay as part of a International Relay team to raise money for the Sunshine Foundation and the Make a Wish Foundation. It was an awesome experience. And yes, back then the road from Goose Bay to Churchill Falls didn’t really qualify as a highway. It was more like a bad fire road or logging road.

    Cheers from Nova Scotia

    Chris R

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