ICEdot offers crash notification


After a motorcycle crash, it’s not possible easy to whip out your phone and call for help. A new gadget from ICEdot can help with that, though.

The Bluetooth-enabled device attaches to the back of your helmet; it pairs to your phone through the Crash Sensor app. Should you have an off, it uses an accelerometer to detect the crash, and then starts a countdown. If you don’t cancel the countdown, the app uses your phone to send out a text message to up to 10 contacts. That functionality is very similar to the EatSleepRide app developed in Canada a couple years ago.

ICEdot is available at their website here. It’s quite pricy when compared to the EatSleepRide app, and seems to have been developed originally with bicyclists in mind. It also depends on a second gadget attached to your helmet, which may or may not survive a crash.

It could be quite useful, though, if it offered a level of backup while dirt riding, or even on lesser-traveled roads. Its dependance on a working cell network could be an issue for riders in remote areas, though.

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