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Passing protocol

Hey, how do you pass someone on the street? There’s one key: don’t make a jackass of yourself by screwing up a wheelie right afterwards.

Dressing up

Photo: Nuneaton News
Photo: Nuneaton News

Last week was Ride to Work week in the UK, and the White Helmets stunt team decided to do a special show to get people motivated to move to work on two wheels. It didn’t involve burnouts and heavy metal music or jumping over buses, though.

Nope, instead they had the team dress up like Edwardian bankers, complete with derbies and umbrellas, presumably to inspire the white collar crowd. So much for ATGATT! To really show what it’s like to ride to work, they should have been wearing a crusty ‘Stich suit. Anyway, the team performed some stunts in front of a bunch of London-area tourist attractions, no doubt perpetuating a lot of misconceptions about British culture.

Source: Nuneaton News

Pool fool

Then there’s the other kind of stunter: The kind who decides to pull a wheelie by the pool. Results are predictable.

Hitching a ride

Hitchbot: A friendlier android for the 21st century.
Hitchbot: A friendlier android for the 21st century.

Do you ever pick up hitchhikers on your motorcycle? Of course not, that would be stupid. After all, it’s not as if you have any gear for them to don. But, that wouldn’t be a problem for one hitchhiker crossing Canada this summer – as long as you can fit him aboard your bike.

Two university professors with a lot of spare time on their hands have put together a robot that’s bumming lifts across Canada. Called hitchBOT, this robot is traveling across the country by standing roadside and sticking its thumb out. Once it’s picked up, the machine even has the ability to make small talk, thanks to social media apps. Of course, that won’t be possible for motorcycle riders, unless you attach a communication headset. We’re not sure of Scala or similar systems are compatible or not, though …

Anyway, you can find out more about hitchBOT here. We really do hope someone picks this thing up in a sidecar and tells us the tale …

Source: Gizmag

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