Guy Martin vs: Pikes Peak


The annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb takes place this weekend, and Guy Martin is on hand with a racebike he’s built himself.

Martin’s machine has a definite Mad Max flavour, thanks to the rulebook. The main motorcycle race at Pikes Peak requires motorcycles to have handlebars in triple clamps – no clip-ons allowed. That’s why motorcycles like the Ducati Multistrada perform very well every year. Martin’s embraced the rulebook by building a race bike with a Martek frame and a turbocharged GSX-R1100 motor.

If the thing doesn’t spontaneously combust, Martin could stand a good chance at winning, which would certainly be an accomplishment, especially after he was disappointed at the IOMTT again last month. He’ll have stiff competition, as always, and now that electric bikes have proven their ability to win the race, he’ll have to hope his raw horsepower can overcome the battery bikes’ ability to maintain consistent power delivery despite changes in air density.

Here’s a look at Greg Tracy’s run in 2012, to give you an idea of the sort of riding needed to win. And, there’s another video below that shows what exactly can go wrong at the course.

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