Ariel unveils new Ace


So what’s Ariel up these days? They’re building new motorcycles around Honda’s VFR1200 motor, apparently

For decades, Ariel has been out of the motorcycle business, building high-performance cars and carts instead. The original firm went bust around 1970, and the new company, started in 1999, has focused on four-wheeled efforts.

Their new Ace project is aimed at the high-end market; these bikes are intended to be custom units, tailored to each customer’s individual order. They’ll use the V4 motor out of the VFR, but other than that, the machines will have adjustable footpegs and controls, and the seats will be customized to owners’ specs. According to their press release, the customers can order machines that range in style from laid-back cruisers to aggressive nakeds. They have different wheels, suspension, fuel tanks and bodywork for buyers to pick from. Even the steering angle can be customized, thanks to interchangeable eccentric bearing holders.

Pricing? These new machines won’t be cheap, with initial reports pegging pricing at over $35,000 CAD. And, chances are we’ll never see these brought into Canada,

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