NUVIZ teams up with Project LiveWire tour


The Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire tour is making the rounds in the United States already, and they’ve got a sidekick.

Along with the high-profile new electric bike, NUVIZ is tagging along on the tour. Never heard of them? Neither had we, but apparently they are a new HUD system for motorcycle helmets, and they look pretty interesting (they had a Kickstarter campaign running for a while to raise funds, so you may have seen them there).

The NUVIZ system is based on a module that clamps to the front of your helmet, instead of being integrated to the helmet itself. We’ve seen several HUD systems in the past few months that have featured a helmet with the circuitry built into the helmet and visor itself.

The NUVIZ system will fit any full-face or modular helmet you already own.
The NUVIZ system will fit any full-face or modular helmet you already own.

Obviously that’s problematic if you scratch your visor and need to replace it, or if the helmet doesn’t fit your head. The NUVIZ system works around both those problems.

Along with the usual information displayed over HUD systems (speed, direction, GPS), the NUVIZ system also integrates video camera control and other useful data. It’s intended to be helpful on the track as well as the street, displaying information like lap times.

You can see the NUVIZ in action below. It looks like an interesting concept that could be what’s needed to move HUD technology forward. It might create a lot of wind noise, but existing technology like helmet-mounted communication systems already do that, and they’re selling well.

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