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Buying and selling

So, once upon a time there was a dude who made a movie about his mother buying a motorcycle – but it’s not what you think at first.

Wing thing

It seems there is no way to account for taste. We’ve already seen years of crappy, useless customs on the North American scene from the likes of Orange County Choppers, and from what we see in the video below, it seems the disease has spread to China. Not only are the wings strapped to the bike completely useless, they limit the rider to a turn angle of about, oh, zero degrees. And how about the brilliant idea of taking an air-cooled engine and completely covering it up with metal bodywork?

The article we found describing the bike says it cost the builder, an arts student, about 10,000 yuan to build. We’re not sure how many month’s wages that equates to in China, but hopefully his daddy doesn’t see what his son has been up to at arts school, or he may find himself shipped off to PRC boot camp – and once there, he’d really be wishing for wings to fly off.

Source: Telegraph

Triumph and tragedy

Who would even want to steal a C70? Do they now have vintage hipster appeal?
Who would even want to steal a C70? Do they now have vintage hipster appeal?

Romeo and Juliet might have been a touching love story, but it also ended in a tragedy, and the same thing goes for Benjamin Brown of the UK, who embarked on an epic trip spurred on by love, but with a sad ending.

Brown, a musician in a band named Dingus Khan, was having a bit of a spat with his gal pal over all the time he spent on the road. How’s a bard like Brown supposed to make up with his lady? By serenading her, of course. But since professional musicians everywhere are dirt poor unless they’ve sold their souls to the record biz, the only vehicle Brown had to make the 200 km trip was his Honda C70, with a top speed of about 45 kph.

But make the trip he did, guitar in tow, climbing four sets of scaffolding when he reached her building to serenade her through the window. All was forgiven, and we’re guessing many tears were shed during the touching reunion.

Alas, the story does not end there. Brown descended to the street in the morning to take off on his C70, and found it had been stolen. He got the girl back, but at the cost of his bike, raising the question – was it really worth it? What good is a girlfriend, if you have no bike? That depends on how much you love your C70, we reckon. At least Brown didn’t poison himself after finding the scooter gone, so we reckon his affections really did lie with the girl after all.

Source: Standard

Stealing the girl

From what we can see in the video below, though, Brown had better be careful to be nice to his girlfriend from now on. If not, Jamie Robinson might swoop in and snatch her up …

Actually, Robinson hasn’t added homewrecker to his CV (along with motojourno and former roadracing champ). His wife picked out the actress for the part in the clip, he says … In any case, we’re not sure a Ducati is as effective at picking up chicks as the video implies, as they don’t tend to be impressed when your $20,000 motorcycle doesn’t start, and missed shifts mean those Italian gearboxes don’t necessarily lend themselves to smoothness either.

Animation action

Yamaha’s made some curious marketing moves lately. They’ve got some exciting bikes, like the Bolt and the FZ-09 and FZ-07, but market them with odd choices like their Rev Station video, which combined Blade Runner with a bit of the Matrix thrown in.

Their latest odd marking choice is the Masters of Torque anime series, starring FZ riders ripping through Tokyo. It’s been running for a few weeks now, ending on Wednesday. You can catch up with all the past episodes at the series’ website; watch the first episode below.

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