Getting naked: Honda CB300F could be coming to Canada


If information uncovered by is correct, we could see Honda’s CB300F in Canada soon.

According to their article, Honda’s CB300F has passed testing by the California Air Resources Board (the biggest obstacle in the way of a bike’s approval for that market). That means we’ll likely see the machine (based on the CBR300, which should be launched soon) coming to North America soon, and hopefully into Canada.

It’s possible Honda will bring the machine to the US and not bother with the neighbours in the Great White North – that’s what Yamaha did with the SR400 retro classic this year. There’s been a bit of disparity between Honda’s Canadian and American lineups in recent years, with the countries having different options on bikes they share (like the NC series), but the same models are generally available in both countries, so there’s hope yet.

It would be a very interesting move to see Honda sell the CB300F in Canada, as there is a whole class of sporty, compact naked bikes available overseas that just hasn’t made it to North America in a long time. You used to be able to buy them here – check out photos of the old GPZ305, for instance, or the CBX250. But while Honda and Kawasaki in particular have built naked versions of their popular entry-level sport bikes, they haven’t brought them to North America. Suzuki’s GW250 was the first bike in this genre to make it to our shores in a while. Maybe the other members of the Big Four are watching Suzuki’s progress, and will make their move based on that success or failure? Stay tuned …




    • Eye of the beholder, etc. etc. … having said that, I gotta say, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a company design a really sharp-looking naked. As in, years. The best one I saw this year was that new CF Moto. When I was younger, I lusted after a Speed Triple or Buell Lightning … those bikes were truly stripped down and aggressive looking. Now, it seems most naked bikes only have about $5 less of plastic and high handlebars.

      Having said that, I would be very interested to see how this bike handles. I can tell you I much preferred the CB500F to the CBR500 at the 2013 Honda Launch, as did almost all the other journalists.

        • The F has almost as good wind protection (that headlight is VERY well designed) and the wide handlebar gives you a buttload of leverage. Maybe at high speed the CBR would be more fun, but around town, the F was wayyyyyy more fun. And I observed, as did the Honda handlers, that the F was the bike the journos preferred at the launch.

  1. All I can say is, Honda, what took you so long.
    Any word on how Honda’s 500s are doing, sales wise? Hopefully the market is ripe for reasonable bikes.

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