Harley-Davidson battery bike spotted? Video and photos!


Just how much is Harley-Davidson willing to move to catch up with the times? If spy shots from a movie set are correct, they’re actually working on a battery bike these days.

As far as we know, the first major sighting of the bike was in photos published back in April, show actors from the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, on set in South Korea. Here’s a link to those shots in the Daily Mail. One of the actors, a body double for Scarlett Johansson, is riding an electric motorcycle with Harley-Davidson’s logo.

But wait, there’s more! A little digging around the Interwebz revealed many more glimpses of the motorcycle, and even some video. Some intrepid fan shot some spy footage of the motorcycle in action while filming a chase scene for the movie. In the scene, the Harley-badged bike chases another motorcycle; we hear only one engine, which seems to indicate that one of these machines is indeed battery-powered.

This shot, from SIPA, gives a clear glimpse of the H-D badge on the tank.
This shot, from SIPA and published in the Daily Mail, gives a clear glimpse of the H-D badge on the tank.

Does all this mean we can expect an electric motorcycle soon from the MoCo? Not necessarily; the recent Dark Knight franchise films showed Batman bombing around on a motorcycle that will never see production. While Harley-Davidson has long had a tie-in with the Captain America franchise in comic books and now film, it’s possible this is just a ploy to appear hip. It’s worth noting that in the photos, the actor playing Captain America is still riding a Street-based V-twin.

You can also see the mysterious machine in action here. Watch this clip here, and you can hear a two-stroke scooter being chased by what sounds like an electric motor.


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