Prosecution makes final arguments in duck crash trial

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Quebec's speeding fines were easy to figure out from their provincial website. Photo: Wikipedia

Both the prosecution and defense have made their final arguments in Emma Czornobaj’s trial over the collision that killed two motorcyclists back in 2010.

Czornobaj is facing criminal negligence and dangerous driving charges after she parked her car in the left lane of a highway to rescue ducks that were crossing the road. A 50-year-old man and his 16-year-old daughter (who was riding pillion) were killed when they crashed into her parked car.

Earlier this week, Czornobaj’s lawyer said his client had turned on her hazard lights when pulling over as far to the left as she could, and that there was no criminal intent to her actions. He admitted the accident was caused by her choice to pull over, but said the motorcyclist’s speed may have been a factor in the crash as well. Earlier testimony had indicated the rider was traveling over the speed limit.

In closing arguments, the Crown said Czornobaj’s actions had avoidable consequences. The Montreal Gazette quotes prosecutor Annie-Claude Chasse as saying the crash couldn’t be called an accident, as it was a result of Czornobaj’s decisions and choices, and that she was aware of the danger when she decided to rescue the ducks.

The jurors will receive their instructions on Monday, and should hand down a decision next week.



  1. Don’t stop on the left hand side of a highway, unless your car is disabled.

    Consider the inverse situation; what if her car had be hit by a 80000lbs tractor trailer and she was killed? Would the trucker have been at fault?

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