Yamaha announces Street Tracker version of FZ-09 (with video)


Yamaha has unveiled a new version of their FZ-09 naked bike, called the Street Tracker.

The new machine really isn’t that new – it’s a slightly reworked version of the FZ-09 (known in most other markets as the MT-09), with the main changes being cosmetic. The frame and bodywork get matte paint, there’s a carbon-fibre front fender, aluminum numberboards over the headlight and on the side panels, aluminum handlebar clamp  and a two-tone seat.

The tank has knee pads for an off-road look, and the wheels have a gold finish. The only changes that might affect function are wider footpegs and an optional Akrapovic exhaust.

With Yamaha’s rich flat track history, it’s not surprising they’d release a machine with a few styling cues drawn from those days (although the Street Tracker doesn’t have that bumblebee paint). However, Yamaha has already chosen not to release the Street Rally version of the FZ-09 in North America, and it would be surprising if they build the Street Tracker and opt not to sell it on the continent that has the most interest in flat track racing.

Yamaha seems to want to slot this machine into their “Dark Side of Japan” marketing campaign, as seen in the promo vid below the photo gallery.


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  1. I am sure it has a needlessly high seat height. I seen a show on the Discovery channel that says that the average human male is 5 foot eight and has a 28 inch inseem . The RX-3 Enduro that California Scooter Co, has coming is the only bike on my radar. I do not as yet know if I can ship it to Canada and register it for the road. I ordered a Shineray Longmarch 200 from the U.S. and did not have much grief sorting out the paperwork tho.

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