Video: Parking in the EU


Motorcycle commuters have a problem. It’s one thing to ride your motorcycle as a commuter (don’t forget, Monday is Ride to Work Day), but it’s a pain in the butt to haul your helmet and jacket, etc., around town once you arrive.

Of course, you could just ride a maxi scooter or a Gold Wing, but what if you ride a sportbike, or something else with no luggage space?

That’s where MotoParking comes in. These folks have developed a parking system that combines bike parking with gear storage. The gear locker should protect your helmet, jacket and other stuff from being ripped off, while the chain should provide some level of protection from bike theft.

It’s an idea that likely won’t ever take off in North America, since we just don’t have the sheer number of motorcycle commuters to make this practical. However, it’s a cool solution to a problem that irritates motorcyclists everywhere, and maybe a few forward-thinking employers or parking garages can integrate this system here, if enough motorcyclists ask politely. And, if electric bikes become the wave of the future, this could be a useful idea to integrate with a charger.

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