EBR goes naked: Buell announces 1190SX


Back when Erik Buell worked under Harley-Davidson’s corporate umbrella, his company built several different styles of motorcycles, but were arguably best-known for their brutish naked bikes. Now, he’s making a move back in that direction.

Yesterday, Erik Buell Racing announced they were building a new stripped-down street bike; they’re calling it the 1190SX. But except for confirmation of the bike’s existence, details are pretty sketchy. The bike is obviously derived from their 1190RX superbike, but we don’t have weight numbers, engine output figures, or any other dimensions.

It does seem to use the same motor as the 1190RX, but we’re guessing that in time-honoured streetfighter tradition, the folks at EBR have probably re-tuned the engine for torque that’s usable on the street, instead of high-end power that’s best suited for the track.

Much of the rest of the bike also seems to be re-using parts off the 1190RX; obviously the clip-ons are gone, replaced by a standard tubular handlebar, but the frame, wheels, exhaust and even much of the bodywork lifted straight from the superbike. Of course, there’s no full fairing, but many of the other visual cues are identical.

Buell has returned to its naked bike roots.
Buell has returned to his naked bike roots.


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