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Getting permission

So you want to buy a motorcycle? Sounds good, but what if your significant other nixes the idea? Here’s a primer on how to pull this off.

Lighten your load

Think these are worth $480?
Think these are worth $480?

Hey, wouldn’t you  like to lighten your motorcycle? Hey, wouldn’t we all? That’s probably why Precision Billet and Black Label Baggers have teamed up to produce a set of Carbon Tech floorboards for Victory cruisers.

Now, take a moment and think about that. Victory’s cruisers weigh almost 800 lbs wet. Carbon-fibre floorboards might trim some avoirdupois, but against that 800-lb weight (and the riders aren’t usually too skinny either), you just ain’t makin’ a dent, Willis. Unless you’re talking about your wallet. Pricing starts at $480 US, so at least you won’t be carrying a lot of spare change around.

Precision Billet with Paul Tracy’s Black Label Baggers. – See more at:

Safety first

If you listen to the propaganda machine, Iran is a terrible place, but that doesn’t seem to be true. There are plenty of adventure riders cruising through the country these days, and they say everyone is friendly and not looking to nuke us at the first opportunity. This video seems to back that statement up. Hey, if a motorcyclist is more concerned about gearing up his goat for a ride than himself, he can’t be all that bad!

Safety second

Will this win over motorcyclists' hearts?
Will this win over motorcyclists’ hearts?

How do you promote motorcycle safety? The police usually try such brilliant plans as ramping up speed enforcement. However, the Avon and Somerset police (in the UK) have another idea: They’ve purchased an Ariel Atom.

It’s not what you’d think, though – the Atom isn’t for chasing down speeders, despite its 350 hp motor and 2.5-second 0-60 mph time. The plan, instead, is to showcase the car at racetracks and exhort motorcyclists to also restrict their speeding to the track. We’re not sure that hauling a four-wheeled car to a race track is going to impact two-wheeled speeders on the street, but hey, it’s UK tax dollars, not ours. At least they didn’t spend it on speed cameras!

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