Corbin selling new seats for Yamaha FZ-09


When Yamaha’s FZ-09 came to market, there were cries of delight from everybody who loves low-cost high-powered motorcycles. Then the touring market started to wonder: Could this bike be adapted for long days in the saddle?

The answer is yes. There have been rumours that Yamaha is working on a touring motorcycle based around their tasty triple, and now Corbin has released two seats for the machine – a solo Gunfighter saddle, and a Gunfighter and Lady seat which allows you to haul a pillion.

Corbin claims the seats were designed to integrate into the motorcycle’s bodywork lines. They have different options available for cover materials, and you can also add an Ovalbac backrest and even a glovebox that attaches to the backrest for more touring utility.

Pricing starts at $493 US for the Gunfighter saddle, $259 for the Ovalbac backrest and $359 for the glovebox. Find out more information here.


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