Report: Hoka Hey rally changes again

The Hoka Hey is running again this year, but won't visit Canada.

Cyril Huze is reporting the Hoka Hey rally has changed its face again.

In case you don’t remember, the Hoka Hey event goes back a few years now. The ride mostly went through the US, but a couple of times it ran through Canada for portions. Once, it ended in Cape Breton.

Initially, it started off sounding an awful lot like a modern-day cannonball run, where participants had to ride their made-in-America motorcycle thousands of miles, sleeping beside their bike at night and obeying all laws of the road, in order to finish the route first and win a buttload of cash.

Sounds a bit sketchy, right? Well, the first few years were filled with allegations of prize money not being paid, of underhanded dealings behind the scenes, and so on. You can read about it here, here and here.

Now, for 2014, Cyril Huze says there is no entry fee to the event anymore, there are no prizes, and there is no race aspect. The former organizer, Jim “Red Cloud” Durham, is no longer the face of the rally. Instead, it’s his wife Beth. And, the rally will start in Florida and end in Alaska, so riders will return to Canada again.

According to the rally’s website, The Medicine Show Land Trust is waiving each rider’s ($1,000) entry fee for the 2014 Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge™ as a way to sincerely thank all the Challengers of past events and to welcome all of those who will continue to support the ‘New’ Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge ™ into the future. We invite anyone that has ever heard our Warrior’s Call to accept the Challenge and become part of our Hoka Hey family!

Need more details? Check out their site. We’re pretty sure we’re not entering ..


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