Bathurst might drop loud pipe law

Harley-Davidson exhaust

According to the CBC, the city of Bathurst is reconsidering its bylaw restricting motorcycles with noisy exhausts.

Three years ago, Bathurst was just one of several Canadian cities that decided it was time to strike back against loud pipes, bringing in a bylaw that allowed officers to ticket motorcyclists with exhausts louder than 92 db. At the time, bikers complained, saying they were being discriminated against, and that anger hasn’t gone away.

Last winter, some local riders tried to organize a boycott of the MMIC’s motorcycle show in Moncton, since the MMIC helped develop the exhaust noise testing procedure. And, since Bathurst’s loud pipe law came into place, the CBC’s story says local businesses in the New Brunswick city have complained about that tourism spending has dropped off.

According to the CBC’s story, the president of the Greater Bathurst Chamber of Commerce says some local establishments have seen a 25 per cent drop in business since the law came into place in 2011, as two-wheeled tourists shun the area.

Local motorcyclists are outraged the bylaw singles them out, the story says.

The city council voted 6-2 to drop the bylaw, but there are still two readings left.

Since Canadian municipalities jumped on board the loud pipe ban  bandwagon a few years ago, they’ve met with only limited success, as some have found the laws very difficult to enforce in court.


  1. I am disheartened to hear that the city council is compiling with the bullies and their immature , if they really exist. 93 decibel is an intelligent limit and was more than fair – much more lenient the 85 limit set by some cities; hitting ONLY the people with the ridiculously pipes.

    I drive a dual bike, one of the louder bike categories. Out of the box, it runs at 83 decibel, a very loud bike.
    A jack-hammer is 95 decibel and can cause permanent injury to your unprotected ear – no one needs to be that loud.

    “Loud bike saves lives” is an idiotic mantra often spouted by people who are otherwise not very concerned with safety when it comes to choosing their ‘half-a-bucket’ helmet and (non-existing) protective clothing.

  2. All loud pipes do is give the person behind the bike a headache. You cant hear the exhaust noise from the front
    or either sided .

  3. This is like trying to stop a baby from crying by slapping the mother.
    Forget about logic, forget about common sense – the kind of person who owns a bike with loud pipes isn’t going to have a lot of either.

    Solution? It has to come from within the ranks of motorcyclists.
    Instead of boycotting events, shun the riders with the loud pipes.
    Instead of making by-laws against loud pipes, invest in a campaign of eduction and peer pressure.

    It’s heartening to hear more and more riders stand up to the idiotic mantra about loud pipes saving lives.
    It’s also encouraging that we’re hearing it less often.
    Keep up the good work people.

    • Viking – you obviously have not ridden a bike to not know that you need everything possible to get the attention of drivers. And it was discriminating against biker’s as it didn’t address loud piped vehicles – cars with glass pipes etc – just the bikes. And 92db is not very loud – your neighbours lawnmower is probably louder – but he is allowed to use it… Biker’s can responsible and not crack the bike going through town’s and at night – just like car drivers can be irresponsible by gunning their motors at 3 a.m. or you mowing your lawn at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Loud pipes do save lives…proven fact – we have to compete against closed windows that block outside sound, tunes cranked on the stereo, and people talking on their cell phones ot fighting with the kids in the car – you know – distracted drivers!!

      • ” Loud pipes do save lives…proven fact – ” Bullsh1t!
        What study would have “proven” it? Just because you think it could get a drivers attention doesn’t make fact.
        The truth is loud pipes just piss off the general public and make the rider with them look like a dick. I live in the country and it’s irritating when a pack of phallic challenged “bikers” wobble past the farm with their loud pipes. Doesn’t matter if it’s cruisers or sport bikes, both are obnoxious.
        I’ve ridden 33 years both on and off road. Loud pipes do NOTHING but make it harder for the rest of us.

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