Ducati unveils Monster 821


Ducati announced their newest naked bike this morning, releasing photos and details of the Monster 821.

The new Monster is powered by the latest version of their liquid-cooled 11° Testastretta engine, with 821 cc displacement and a claimed 112 hp and 65.9 ft-lb of torque. They dropped the powerplant in the Monster 1200’s chassis, and also integrated a similar electronics package to the big Monster, offering an adjustable seat, eight-level traction control, three-level ABS and three-level ride-by-wire engine managment with the machine. All that electronic trickery will allow them to deliver a detuned version of the bike to markets where that sort of thing is desirable.

The 821 also draws a lot of styling cues from the larger 1200. And by now, you might be asking how much difference there is between the two machines. The answer: Not much.

Claimed dry weight for the 821 is 179.5kg, while the 1200 weighs 182 kg dry. The base-model 1200 is rated at 135 hp and 87 ft-lb of torque. Visually, they’re pretty similar, although the 821 is going to be offered in white as well as red, and there’s also an all-black option that will presumably be cheaper.

According to Ducati, the 821 will be in dealerships by July.


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