Dual Sport Plus closing down for good


Last year, Les and Catharine of Dual Sport Plus announced they were retiring, with the idea someone else was taking over their Ontario-based aftermarket parts dealership. Now, that’s not happening, and as a result, they’re running a sale.

When the deal fell through in late 2013, Les and Catharine were left with a business they hadn’t intended to be running at this point – they even say legal documents were signed, but when the time came to transfer ownership last December, the prospective buyers didn’t come through.

So, they’re clearing out the warehouse. According to their website, they’re running a retirement sale, ending on June 21 when their doors close. They’ve got markdowns in-store (at 221 Barton St., Stoney Creek, ON) and on their website.

Dual Sport Plus was a big help when Editor ‘Arris was putting together his KLR650 project, so if you’re looking to turn your KLR into an adventure tourer, there’s been no better time to call Dual Sport Plus and get set up – you might save a bit of money, and we all know how much KLR riders like saving money …

Les and Catharine will be launching their round-the-world tour from Lawrence Hacking’s Overland rally, so if you want to say goodbye, you can always show up there.

UPDATE – it’s alive – more here.


    • Dave, I didn’t name anybody as being at fault here, but if you have an inside perspective, feel free to email me at zac@cmgonline.com. But I have no interest in starting a series of mudslinging he-said, she-said articles about everyone involved. DSP is closing, they’re having a sale, and that’s all the news we need today.

  1. Aw, man, that’s sucks. Partly for them that they didn’t find a buyer, and partly for those of us who have been customers. They consistently had much better prices on tires for my V-Strom than regular dealers, and didn’t charge an arm and a leg for basic installation. Also they carried a good stock of stuff in store.

    Well, enjoy your retirement, Les!

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