BMW, TVS collaborating on dual sport: Rumour


The rumours about the BMW/TVS team-up continue to swirl, with Indian motorcycle journos now claiming the first bike out will be a dual sport.

According to Motorbeam and just about every other Indian motorcycle website, BMW and TVS are working on a 350 dual sport similar to the G650X and a 500 cc naked bike similar to the R1200R. Where they get the news from, whether it’s an inside source or an over-active imagination, isn’t entirely clear.

Motorbeam says BMW will engineer the bikes, and TVS will build them in-country, selling them in India under their own brand name. Presumably, the rest of the world will get them under the BMW marque if they prove satisfactory. Again, we’re expected to see these bikes on the market next year, although it’s unlikely they’ll be sold in North America then.


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