New Brunswick moves to graduated motorcycle licensing

Traffic cones are cheap, and you can easily use them to set up your own practice course.

The province of New Brunswick has announced a new plan for graduated motorcycle licensing, starting next spring.

Despite the fanfare, there seems to be little change over the previous system, which saw riders able to acquire a full-fledged licence after passing a written test, holding a beginner’s permit, then passing a road test.

There’s no Euro-style restrictions on motorcycle size; instead, the highlights of the new legislation seem to be a requirement for zero blood alcohol content, and bans on riding after dark and carrying a passenger before acquiring a full licence. Most importantly, riders will have to complete a recognized riding course before getting their full licence.

Beginning riders will be required to take part in the graduated licence program for a year before acquiring a licence with no restrictions.

Most of the other restrictions on the graduated licence aren’t anything new – riders must pass a vision test, must be 16 years old, etc. Find out more about the new licence system, which rolls into place on April 1, 2015, here.



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