Mahindra moves in on US market


For a while now, we’ve been telling you the motorcycle scene is booming in India and is going to impact North America in a big way, but if you need more proof, check this out: Indian marque Mahindra is going to start manufacturing scooters in Michigan.

These aren’t your standard 49 cc step-throughs; the scooters are going to be battery-powered, which is a clever move. EPA regulations are often the biggest roadblock between upstart manufacturers and the North American market. Those emissions problems immediately vanish if there’s no internal combustion engine to start with.

You can find out more details on the new scooter called the GenZe at Mahindra’s website here. Supposedly, the machine was built to fight urban gridlock; find Jensen Beeler’s opinion of that line over at his website Asphalt and Rubber.


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