Arm yourself for the Dawn to Dusk!

The Honda NSR250: A race replica, from when that actually meant something. Still surprisingly available if you know where to look. If you want a two-stroke street bike, find one of these on Kijiji; don't waste your time waiting for another two-smoker from Big Red.

This year’s Dawn to Dusk is rapidly approaching (it’s August 9, running in New Brunswick along the St. John River valley, between Moncton and Saint John). If you’re thinking about attending but need a suitable bike, why not check out these machines on Kijiji?

While we’re allowing 500 cc machines this year, the D2D started as a 250-or-less rally, and the roads are chosen with quarter-litre motorcycles in mind. So, why not show up on a 250 that will embarrass any 500 that shows up? Check out these race-rep Honda NSR250s for sale on Kijiji in Ontario – guaranteed to provide butt-clenching excitement and make everyone riding behind you gag on two-stroke exhaust fumes. Unless, of course, you’re miles ahead of everyone else.

And besides, who wouldn’t want a sportbike with a kickstarter, with an engine that sounds like this?


  1. *Beautiful* little bikes. If only I could fit on one without looking like a grizzly bear on a tricycle. I’m pretty sure I’m over the GVWR for bikes like these anyway… 🙁

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